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breather Hambach Castle

breathe protection





performance and environement to discuss chances and borders
durig the 185 th anniversary of the Hambach Festival



In some public spaces there are areas defined by yellow lines on the ground where you are allowed to smoke. In the film „Dogville“ also every house is defined only by lines on the ground. Grace, the young woman, is not allowed to leave the house, to step beyond the line …
When Marcel Duchamp was asked about his profession, he answered „I am a Breather“, not to be put in a narrow box.

A rectangle field, defined by blue lines on the ground, a sign with „Breather – Breathing only within this field“

Two members of the „Field-Police“ draw a cycle around every person with fluid blue color. People are not allowed leaving the circle without keeping the rules. The rules are not communicated to them, they have to find out …